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Supply Chain Consulting

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Hands on experience with first, middle, and final mile home furnishings transportation systems.

The team at has over 35 years of experience developing supply chain systems for the home furnishings industry.  We've worked with everyone from manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers to delivery agents and specialized furniture transportation companies.  

Whether you're suffering from a lack of experience in one or more areas of the supply chain or simply a lack of resources, we can help you avoid costly and time consuming mistakes.

No matter the reason, we are ready to help!

1. Systems Discovery Services

We have the experience and objectivity to perform the due diligence required to get to the root issues.  After all, if you can't articulate the root issues, you can't devise a solution!

2. Systems Design or Selection Services

Perhaps your current systems are simply mis-configured, poorly integrated or for some reason, underutilized.  Is it possible the solution is already in your grasp?


3. Custom Software

Do you need a custom solution? Perhaps the best solution will require some portion of custom software.

We can write the specifications for your programming team or utilize our programming staff.  They have years of experience in software development.

4. Implementation Services

Sometimes your team does not have enough resources to implement a project.  Sometimes you know this up front or perhaps a project implementation stalls.  We can reinforce your team to get the job done.


We can wade through all of these details to come up with the solution that is right for you!


Phone: 828-322-6261


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